Oktober 30, 2022

Can You Spend Less Time On Twitter & Still Get Followers?

If you're looking to get a bigger Twitter audience and spend less time on Twitter, I'm about to share the biggest potential pitfall you'll want to avoid at all costs.

The best way to grow your email list on Twitter is if you’re not using the Twitter app.

You want to avoid distractions and focus on engaging in conversations.

That's how you get eyes on your profiles and respectively get people to sign up for your email list.

Let me explain…

My profile isn’t big by any standard.

I barely have over 2000 followers.

Yet, what you're about to learn let me add roughly 350 followers in the past two months.

The last time I did that, it took me eight months.

I got to the same goal 4x faster... and the growth only accelerates with time.

🛑 Here’s why you want to avoid the Twitter app:

The Twitter app is a roadblock because it's designed for consuming content—not creating it.

When you're trying to quickly build an engaged following, you need to be focused on creating quality content and - most importantly - interacting with other Twitter users.

You don’t have time to get sucked into random arguments on Twitter or to scroll through your feed aimlessly.

Twitter's ultimate goal is to keep you on its platform as long as it can.

They don't want you to spend less time on Twitter but to be on Twitter all day every day.

How Social Media Exploits Human Nature

Any algorithm in social media is designed to capture and keep our attention.

Have you ever tried watching just ONE YouTube Short or Facebook Reel?

Forget it... you don't have a snowball's chance in hell.

Let me explain how their algorithms combat your desire to spend less time on Twitter (or other socials).

The Constant Comparison Game

One of the most effective ways social platforms exploit us is by encouraging us to constantly compare ourselves to others.

We scroll through our feeds and see people living their best lives, which can make us feel inferior and not good enough.

This comparison game is dangerous because it leads to feelings of envy, resentment, and inadequacy. Remember, you only see a highlight reel of people's lives online — the reality is that everyone has their own struggles.

Only compare yourself to who you were yesterday.

To grow your audience, you need to strategically interact with relevant conversations.

The Solution To Spend Less Time On Twitter While Getting More Followers

✔️ You need a focused way to monitor influencers in your niche and jump into their conversations.

I love Hypefury for its Engagement Builder.

I use the Hypefury Engagement Builder to spend less time on twitter
You can try Hypefury for free here.

You simply add a handful of influencer profiles you want to build a relationship with and it’ll show you their latest tweets in chronological order.

I log in to Hypefury once a day and within 10 minutes, I contributed to at least 5-10 relevant conversations in my industry.

A free alternative would be to group those profiles in Twitter Lists and go through those lists - but that’d only work in the native Twitter app.

I encourage you to avoid the Twitter app as much as possible.

Don’t tempt yourself to look at the timeline.

Your willpower is needed in more important situations in your business, not to avoid fighting social media algorithms that are designed to exploit human curiosity.

If you're struggling to get more followers on Twitter, don't tweet more.

Instead, jump into conversations that already get a lot of attention and add meaningful comments.

Leveraging tools like Hypefury makes this (otherwise time-consuming) process super efficient.

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