November 13, 2022

Your Job Isn't To Get More Email Subscribers. Instead, It Is This...

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Nurturing email subscribers is difficult because it takes a lot of time and effort to build trust with them.

It isn’t enough to just send out newsletters every week…

You have to stand out against 300 billion emails that get sent every single day.

The only way to achieve that is to produce highly relevant content consistently.

Sure, you can hire experts like my friend Paul and his agency Social Tap to run paid traffic campaigns and build your list.

In fact, I’d recommend working with specialists if you’re running ads to grow your list - as they can stay on top of what works and what doesn't, giving you the time to focus on understanding your audience.

Your job isn’t just to get more subscribers.

No matter if you want more sales or get more clients, feel stuck in business, or want to build a bigger audience…

Your job always boils down to knowing what your audience wants and delivering the desired solution to them.

That’s where email nurturing campaigns come in.

You need a system that segments your subscribers and funnels them into targeted, automated sequences to send them relevant content continuously.

With these segments, I’m achieving open rates of up to 79% (!) on my automated sequences, like this one for List Building School:

Email nurturing sequence for List Building School
This is a sequence specifically for LBS 3 attendees.

Or take this sequence for sponsorship-related content as another example:

Email nurturing sequence example for a sponsorship-related campaign
This is a sequence for subscribers who want to get sponsors.

This is what consistent nurturing and segmentation do for your email marketing results.

I’ve spent months refining the processes behind setting up those nurturing sequences.

At first, all was quite hacked together and felt disconnected… after all, building email lists can get messy if you keep adding lead magnets and don’t know how subscribers could flow from one automation to another.

I was tired of not knowing which parts of my list to optimize to improve my results.

Before having sequences like the ones I shared with you, changing lead magnets and rewriting autoresponders felt like shooting into the dark.

If you’re tired of that feeling too and want an efficient way to nurture your subscribers, enroll in Supercharge Your Email List.

This will help you get more clients from your email list - and turn it into the asset you always wanted it to be.

With this course, you’ll feel motivated about your email newsletter again, re-igniting the spark that got you excited when you started building your list.

25 people already enrolled into the course and some even left a 5-star rating even though only 60% of the lessons are done:

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caption for image

Enroll today and supercharge your email list.

Gumroad will let you enter the price you’d like to pay for the course, $0 is ok, too!

Then, I’ll send you the login details to the course area and you can get started working through the first two modules.

See for yourself what’s included, I’m spilling the beans on the secrets of profitable email lists in those videos.


  • If you're struggling to get results from your email list, you're not nurturing your subscribers effectively
  • You're competing with 300 billion emails that are sent every day
  • Hire experts like Paul from Social Tap to run paid traffic campaigns to build your list


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